About us


PariPari (Italian: pari pari – to the letter, word for word) is the modern brand of women’s underwear. We combine our own experience since 2013 as PariPari with  almost 30 years of experience of our staff in the lingerie business with openness to new trends and ideas. The experience in selling lingerie in countries on many continents and the dynamic development of our sales network allow us to believe that the exclusive PariPari lingerie will fulfill the dreams of women and, being sexy one, will also enjoy men. In our collection you will find not only classic lingerie but also many different products, such as garter belts, panty-belts and night dresses.


PariPari lingerie is the perfect gift for all special women in your life. To emphasize the beauty of our products even more, we have prepared absolutely unique packaging that can be arranged in the shape of pyramid. All you need is to add a ribbon and you will have your perfect gift ready. Let us notice that it would be extremely unique both in the terms of the packaging outside and, mainly perhaps, the product hidden inside.

We invite you to start the journey to the land of PariPari lingerie.